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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  September 16, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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good morning, everyone. it's wednesday, september 16. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. people returning home but not to the houses they left behind in the "valley fire." >> oh, no, bill's house is gone. son of a gun. >> it is called one of the most devastating fires in state history. the fire destroyed at least 585 homes, some of the thousands of the evacuated people when the fire broke out are being allowed home now to see what is left. fire has burned close to 100 square miles. the area you see in red there. kpix 5's anne makovec is live
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in middletown this morning with the very latest. anne. >> reporter: people who lost pets may be here to try to care for them or see if they are around. other ones who are going to be allowed back today they have to have an escort by a sheriff's officer and unfortunately a lot of these people are going to come home to see scenes like this. they are only allowed to come for 15 minutes at a time. several people unaccounted for this morning that lived around this area including this man leonard neft. he last spoke to his family saturday as the fire raged near his home in anderson springs. he told his wife he didn't feel threatened. authorities found his burned- out car last night on a road that he might have tried to use as an escape route. this fire has so far burned 67,000 acres. this morning, 9,000 homes are still threatened. almost 600 homes have burned down. hundreds of other buildings destroyed. and this morning, 13,000 people are still under evacuation orders. some were able to return to
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their property yesterday. >> where the house was right here the whole house went around the chimney. the chimney was the center of the house. once we get it out it will be a clean slate. blank canvas. we'll start over. >> reporter: hundreds of people have been making a temporary home at the napa county fairgrounds in calistoga. they are living out of tents and rvs. they don't know how long they will be there or what might come next. again, as for the people who may have lost pets during the frantic evacuation, they are just hoping for the best. somebody dumped some cat food at the end of this driveway hoping that perhaps a cat will return home and will at least at that point have food. live in middletown, anne makevoc, kpix 5. we are getting a look at the area cal fire has pinpointed as ground zero. the fire started on cobb mountain off high valley and bottlerock road on saturday. our crews found caution tape on
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a hillside between two houses. investigators say they don't know exactly how the fire started. but they are looking at a burned-out shed next to a two- story home. the house is unscathed but the hillside below is charred so it may have started in or near the shed. it's hard to tell if the downed power line is the cause. they are investigating. all the public schools in lake county are closed again today. no word yet on when they will re-open. thousands of people affected by this fire need all the help they can get. the red cross says right now it needs cash donations. you can help by going to, designate your gift to the victims of the "valley fire." the "rough fire" is now the largest fire in fresno county history. it's grown to 138,000 acres since it started july 31. evacuation orders are lifted for some residents affected.
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people in dunlap, mere monte and miramonte and pinehurst have been allowed to return home. temperatures will top over on the weekend near 100 degrees on sunday. right now rain showers developing in the valley fire area by lunch hour. right now this is the forecast you can anticipate for that region. southwest 15 to 30 miles an hour. rain is likely. our live hi-def doppler picking up a little green north of the bay area. we'll see rain target the north bay before lunch. house of the precipitation will be north of the golden gate bridge. we are in the 50s and 60s now. we have cooled off in santa rosa and napa. later today cool inland by 10 to 13 degrees our highs from the 60s to the low and mid-70s.
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that's about it. we are going to talk about how much rain to expect in the north bay today and how much rain you can expect in the south bay but first here's gianna. we have two new accidents to report. first westbound 80 at powell a wreck blocking left lane. looks like chp is heading out to the scene, causing a backup on your eastshore freeway commute delays out of berkeley this morning on the westbound side of 80. also a wreck reported westbound 580 right at 880 in the thick of the maze there. you will see delays approaching the bay bridge. so give yourself some extra time. another accident through antioch westbound 4 right at loveridge blocking lanes. at one point they said up to 10 vehicles are involved in the injuries with injuries reported so big delays off the antioch bridge. we have breaking news right now out of san jose where crews are battling a fire on the east side. kpix 5's kiet do is along story road with the latest.
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>> reporter: good morning. still a very active scene here in the foothills of east san jose off story road. they have some burning power lines over one corner of the house fire. take a look at the video. it looks like the fire started somewhere in the front part of the house possibly the garage area. the homeowner says they just moved in a week ago and were doing renovations. first they thought it was a burglar. they called 911 ran out and seeing the front of the house on fire. the family got out safely. a good portion of the house is heavily damaged. san jose fire called a second alarm because they thought it would spread to nearby homes. no damage to neighboring houses. story road is blocked in both directions east of clayton road. live in the foothills of east san jose kiet do, kpix 5. santa clara county may be on the verge of altering its policy on undocumented immigrants.
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supervisor are expressing support for a plan to notify federal immigration authorities when inmates flagged for possible deportation are about to be released. a suspect in san francisco this summer an undocumented immigrant with a record of drug crimes and five deportations allegedly shot and killed a woman. candidates running for the presidential nomination are gathering in southern california today for the second debate of the 2016 race. front-runner donald trump spoke to veterans yesterday wearing his familiar red hat. he didn't offer specifics about the va hospitals, only saying if veterans are not getting the care they need, they should be able to go to private doctors and private hospitals. the crowd of supporters cheered. >> we have illegal immigrants treated by far better than our veterans. it's not going to happen anymore. >> carly fiorina has been gaining in the polls. she is playing off a recent attack by trump who said, look
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at that face! would anyone vote for that?! fiorina released a web ad. >> i'm a 61-year-old woman, i'm proud of every year and every wrinkle. >> the debate takes place in simi valley today at 5 p.m. pacific time. some of the nation's biggest fast food chains are serving meat from animals given antibiotics. that's according to a new report. now a consumer group called "friends of the earth" is trying to change by rating the nation's top fast food chains. only five received a passing grade including mcdonald's, chipotle and chik-fil-a. subway and taco bell failed. >> contributes to antibiotic resistance in humans. >> now california lawmakers are considering a measure that would make the golden state the first in the nation to ban farmers from using over-the-
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counter antibiotics in livestock and poultry. time now 6:08. while we're focused on wildfires, flooding and mud slides are the big concern to the south. we'll have more on the impact of the heavy rainfall. >> and a big step towards a regional minimum wage. details on the plan that could have bay area communities banding together. >> from the kpix 5 weather center, good morning, everyone. we have rain much-needed rain in the forecast today. i'll tell you when and how much to expect. >> and we have lots of delays at ,,
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misswill turn anan asphalt parking lot into a new neighborhood for san franciscans. a vote for "yes" on "d" is definitely a vote for more parks and open space. a vote on proposition "d" is a vote for jobs. campos: no one is being displaced. it's 40% affordable units near the waterfront for regular people. this is just a win-win for our city. i'm behind it 100%. voting yes on "d" is so helpful to so many families in our city.
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raining across the bay area. i'll show you where coming up in less than 4 minutes. thanks, roberta. time now is 6:12. downpours and flooding have turned deadly in utah. the video telling the story here, you can see vehicles being washed away in flash flooding. this morning, at least 16 are dead including three hikers from california and nevada who got caught up in the water in zion national park. several people are still missing as the search and clean- up continues in utah. dramatic rescues in southern california in floodwaters n l.a., three men and a dog all had to be saved from rushing water from the l.a. river. no one including the dog had any serious injuries. massive mud slides in southern california in orange county. silverado canyon road was blocked to traffic because of that. bulldozers were brought in to sweep up the piles of muddy debris. this bird's-eye view gives
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you an idea how long it will take middletown to rebuild from the "valley fire." you can see what used to be an apartment building now rubble and ash and cars clearly burned. you can see several homes covered in red fire retardant and another building alongside it completely burned to the ground. christin ayers has the amazing story this morning of a man and his pregnant wife who made a narrow escape out of the blaze. >> reporter: when the valley fire ripped through middletown cody smith and his family were trapped on their own property surrounded by flames. >> 30-foot flames coming across in front of us across the arena. >> reporter: cody a pg&e worker was on the clock when his wife, who is nine months pregnant, called in a panic. >> my wife called me screaming. the fire is here. the fire is here. >> heart pounding. >> reporter: power lines falling behind him and realized
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it was too late to evacuate. the only safe haven the horse arena outside his home. >> so went to the arena, we piled into the vehicles and sat in there. >> reporter: it was fro his truck inside the arena that cody took these pictures. he says the flames made the windows hot to the touch. and the sound of the fire was like nothing he had ever heard. >> it was really loud. it was rumbling. at one point my sister asked, what's that noise? and it was from flames and the wind. >> roaring. >> reporter: flames blew over the tops of the cars until their worst nightmare came through and the home he built eight years ago was destroyed. >> it was devastating. i turned the car around so my wife couldn't see it. >> reporter: tonight this is all that's left. >> this is everything. 3700-square-foot house. >> reporter: the smiths had no time to remove anything from the house no photographs or important pages but cody says all that matters is they survived and his wife is due in
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a week. >> going to have the baby and move on from there. >> reporter: altogether the smiths were stuck in the middle of the fire for four hours until cody managed to reach some pg&e workers on the radio. those workers led them out safely. amazingly despite all the damage that was done to their house, none of them were hurt or animals, horses and goats in the arena, throughout the fire. christin ayers, kpix 5. we have much more on the valley fire online. find our continuing coverage on the city of san jose moving forward with a minimum wage study. an independent firm will examine the impacts of a minimum wage of $15 an hour and another higher amount to be determined by city staff. the outcome of the study may lead to a regional minimum wage in santa clara county. san jose's current minimum wage is $10.15. basketball now. warriors fans can't wait to
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cheer on the reigning nba champs. today warriors insiders will be able to purchase single game tickets for the upcoming season in a final presale set for 10:00 this morning. the general public will then have the chance to buy tickets a few hours later starting at 2 p.m. the warriors have released video animation showing what their proposed arena would look like. it would be in san francisco on a plot of land in the mission bay neighborhood. the proposal includes a park. the team plans to fund the billion-dollar project privately and is still working on getting approval to build. >> october 27th, season opener. . the traffic alert westbound 4 at loveridge. 10 vehicles involved, three right lanes closed. you can see red on the sensors. so very slow speeds approaching the scene westbound 4 right at loveridge backing traffic up at
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least to the antioch bridge according to our maps here. once you get past that traffic stays slow into pittsburg as well so again this traffic alert has been issued west 4 at loveridge. we'll continue to update you on that. i do know there are major injuries in the wreck. elsewhere once you pass the trouble spot on highway 4 heading towards the eastshore freeway you can expect delays, as well. we have slow-and-go conditions westbound as you come out of richmond into berkeley. there is an accident at powell blocking one lane there. chp on scene. 22 miles per hour in some spots. so very slow-and-go as you work your way through there. another wreck reported westbound 580 at 880. so that means the bay bridge is backed up well into the maze. 32 minutes now carquinez bridge to the maze for your drive time if you are heading into san francisco. now, northbound 880 nimitz freeway starting to see a backup as well especially northbound heading into the maze. roberta. >> i am very excited. it's not every day i get to call on my life hi-def doppler radar. we are picking up greens and yellows on your tv screens. the green is the light
6:19 am
precipitation. the yellow indicates a more moderate downpour. as we zoom in towards the bay area, not picking up anything as of yet but upstream we go towards the north bay with a cluster of activity offshore. kathy munch one of my weather watchers just emailed me and said that they are picking up some light rain in sebastopol. hi-def doppler radar not detecting that. it could be a little renegade shower. carry your umbrella to be safe. this low pressure is tapping into a cold front. the targeted area will be the most needed area where the valley fire continues to burn. you wouldn't know we have rain coming, would you? look at that. clear skies looking toward the bay bridge where currently in san francisco it's 58 degrees. it is much cooler to the north at 50 in santa rosa. we'll have up to three-quarters inch of rain in the highest locations of the mountains in the north bay and then south of the golden gate bridge, generally speaking up to .10" of rain. this is the area of low
6:20 am
pressure. this is the precipitation that is wrapping around the core, the center of that low. and as it takes a nosedive south, all the activity is taking a bull's eye aim right there on the northern portion of our bay area. here's when you can anticipate it before lunch hour to the north. it just hangs there all day then lesser amounts by the evening commute. what we are look at now is pretty much up to about .03" of rain in the san jose area. a cool day up to the mid-70s at tops nearly 100 degrees by sunday. frank and michelle? >> thank you. the famous napa valley wine train has been getting attention for all the wrong reasons lately and now it's been sold. i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, i'm calling it. it was a must-win game for the giants last night. they played comeback ball in the 9th inning but was it enough? the finish straight ahead. ,,,,,
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good morning, everyone. the casualty from the 49ers name a couple of nights ago was reggie bush. he suffered a calf strain currently listed now as week to week. now, until the win over minnesota nothing had gone right for the 49ers since jim tomsula was hired as head coach. right now, for jimmy t, he is off to a great start. but he says the ability of his entire staff to work together is the reason for success. >> no one guy here has all the answers, okay? what we're trying to do is, i mean, we're in the silicon valley. isn't the place where they made the rooms and put beanbags in it and everybody sat around and you brainstorm and talk about stuff? we're --you know what i mean? i mean, we're trying to use everything we have.
6:25 am
>> the giants have gotten desperate for healthy players, haven't they? they trailed 8-6 in the bottom of the 9th 8-7 when posey with a base hit, here comes duffy and the throw. duffy is safe. giants and reds tied extra innings and downtown goes frazier. todd frazier led off the inning with a blast off sergio romo. and the reds beat the giants 9- 8. i call that a must-win game because at this stage of the season, the giants just can't afford to lose. i'm dennis o'donnell, see you tonight. play of the day, how about some international soccer. hat trick for realma ready star raynaldo. -- for real madrid star cristiano ronaldo. >> goooooooaaaaal!!! >> yeah, on a rebound raynaldo using his head for the third goal of the match, real madrid wins, 8 goals in 2 games.
6:26 am
he's pretty good! >> i love the announcer. >> he's good, too. >> that's my favorite parted. >> real madrid won 4-0 your play of the day. hewlett-packard with another huge round of layoffs. >> more people returning home to find rubble. we'll tell you about the returns we're ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a vicious attack after monday night's 49er game is once again raising questions about fan safety at levi's stadium. >> from the kpix 5 weather center, good morning, everyone. we have rain, we're tracking it and we'll tell you just how much to expect. >> and from the "kcbs traffic" center, major injury accident westbound 4. i'll tell you how to get around the mess. >> good morning, it's wednesday, september 16. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time now is 6:30. one of the most devastating fires in state history, that's what officials are saying about the "valley fire" this morning. it's so far destroyed at least 585 homes. 9,000 other structures are still threatened. and the fire is just 30% contained. more than 2600 firefighters are on the front lines. it's burned around 100 square miles. that's the area you see in red on your screen. anne makovec is live in
6:31 am
middletown with more. >> reporter: hundreds of people this morning really want to be among those who are allowed to come home today but when they doe there will be devastating scenes like this. people will be allowed to be escorted by the sheriff's office. they will only get 15 minutes to look around their property before they have to leave again. several people are unaccounted for including this man leonard neft on saturday. he told his wife that day he didn't feel threatened. his burned-out car was found last night on a road that they think he might have tried to use as an escape route. 67,000 acres have burned so far by the "valley fire" and 9,000 homes are still threatened. almost 600 homes have burned, hundreds of other buildings have been destroyed and this,
6:32 am
mornings 13,000 people are still under evacuation orders. some were able to return to their properties yesterday. >> kids told me our house is so strong with all the love that went into it [ crying ] >> everything looks good. >> oh!! >> doesn't look like anybody has been in there. >> oh, my god! thank you. oh, my. >> reporter: now, a lot of people had to abandon their animals during frantic evacuations on saturday. the people who are going to be allowed back to check on their property today will be those who specifically need to check on pets. many pets were loves in the fire but many have been saved. >> they would have been euthanized if we didn't save them. >> reporter: yeah, a little bit of hope. hundreds of people have been making this their temporary home. the napa county fairgrounds in
6:33 am
calistoga in tents. volunteers set up a makeshift city there. showers, bathrooms, three square meals a day. but at this point those people don't know how long they will be there or what they will do next. live in middletown, anne makovec, kpix 5. this morning, it's our first look at the area cal fire pinpointed as ground zero. the fire started on cobb mountain off pine valley and bottlerock road on saturday. our crews found caution tape on a hillside between two houses. investigators say they don't know exactly how the fire started but they are looking at a burned-out shed next to a two- story home. the house is unscathed but the hillside below is charred leading investigators to believe the fire started in or around that shed. there is a downed power line but it's hard to tell if that's the cause. investigators are looking for clues in the area. it's not just homes destroyed in the flames. this is what's left of one of the schools in middletown.
6:34 am
the it raged through a classroom. three dozen and dozens of students lost everything. all public schools in lake county are closed no word on when they will re-open. thousands of people affected by the fire need all the help they can get. the red cross needs cash donations. go to and designate your gift to the victims of the "valley fire." mother nature finally pitching in a little bit too with a wee bit of rain out that way. >> yeah. certainly great news because we have higher humidity due to the cooler temperatures. relative humidity is up. we'll get some light rain. the winds are a problem and also, the rain is not good news for the people camped out in tents right now but some of our reporters have been chiming in saying we'll get wet we don't care as long as it rains. here's the "valley fire" forecast today, erratic winds 15 to 30 minutes, stronger gusts at times but rain is on the way. this is our live hi-def doppler radar. you can see a little bit of light precipitation north of point reyes. otherwise, we do have the bulk
6:35 am
of the energy well north of us. it will be arriving before lunch hour in the north bay. now, right now our temperatures are in the 50s and the 60s. santa rosa dipped down to 48 degrees earlier this morning. it is now 61 degrees in livermore. the most precipitation will be north of the golden gate bridge in the 60s and 70s less than a tenth inch of rain south of the golden gate bridge not affecting you in the later afternoon hours. highway 4 in pittsburg we have reports of a major injury accident. chp has issued a traffic alert westbound four near loveridge blocking three right lanes. we have debris in lanes as well so vehicles getting through might get flat tires. there's screws in lanes according to chp a lot of activity there for injuries, as well. so again three right lanes are completely shut down as you work your way through there. i'm going to show you kind of the area coming off the antioch bridge traffic is backed up at least to that point and it stays very slow until you
6:36 am
approach the accident. it's not going to ease up really until you get closer to the eastshore freeway. slow conditions through pittsburg, as well. according to "kcbs traffic" our partners an hour drive time through there. surface streets are your best bet pack your patience. the bay bridge backed up. breaking news in san jose where crews are on the scene of a house fire in the east foothills. kpix 5's kiet do is live along story road with the latest. >> reporter: still an active scene in the foothills of east san jose. some of the fire crews are pulling off for now. some of the footage we shot a short time ago it started in front of the house possibly the garage. the homeowner says they moved in a week ago and were doing some renovations to the house. first they thought it was a burglar. they called 911 only to find
6:37 am
out that the fire had engulfed the front of the house. all four family members got out safely. the fire got into the attic and started making a run to the rest of the house but the firefighters were able to cut it off. however, it looks like a good partial of the house is heavily damaged. here's the fire captain to talk about why they called a second alarm. >> to protect the houses on all sides of it. when the first engine got on scene the house was fully involved. that means there was fire out of every opening in the house and some openings were made by the fire. >> reporter: story road remains blocked off just a little east of clayton road here in the foothills of east san jose. we are live, kiet do, kpix 5. another huge round of layoffs coming for palo alto- based hewlett-packard. the company announced yesterday it plans to lay off up to 33,000 more of its employees. that's more than 10% of the tech giant's worldwide workforce. it's not clear how many of the jobs will be cut in the silicon valley though. some analysts say the move may be a step towards selling off
6:38 am
part of tech giant. their ceo meg whitman announced last year hp would split into two separate companies. republican presidential hopefuls all in southern california today for the second debate. one candidate who will be closely watched retired neurosurgeon ben carson. he has been going up in the polls challenging the front- runner donald trump. carson says he wants to talk about policy and isn't interested in attacking other candidates. but kpix 5 political analyst melissa griffin-caen says don't expect that from donald trump. >> so i think you're going to see trump go after his demeanor, maybe go after his lack of business experience, but, you know, i think he sort of is mixing that up with his neurological surgical knowledge and expertise. >> the main debate will happen at the reagan library in the simi valley today at 5 p.m. a melee outside levi's stadium monday night is being
6:39 am
investigated by police. in cell phone video shot after the 49ers game you can see a lone security guard trying to stop a fight between 49ers fans and a man wearing a minnesota vikings jersey. the team issued a statement saying, quote, up acceptable behavior like this will not be tolerated. santa clara police say they working to identify the attackers. not the first incident of fan violence for the 49ers. before the team left candlestick our cameras reported a fistfight in the stands and also this. fans watching the 49ers in a bar downtown san jose attack fans from the opposing team. and this latest attack santa clara police say they are working to identify the attackers. a popular attraction in wine country has new ownership. the napa valley wine train has been sold to seattle based noble house hotels and resorts. last month a group of black women filed a multi-million dollar discrimination lawsuit against the napa valley wine train. they were kicked off the train
6:40 am
after they were laughing too loudly. it is 6:39. apple's ceo tim cook opens up to stephen colbert last night. why he ,,
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it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer. but only a few commands to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank. good morning, everyone. it is 6:43 on this hump day. let's take you for a free ride across the bay area. temperatures unseasonably cool for this time of the year. increasing cloud cover along the coast into the 60s. generally less than a tenths of an inch of rain around the penguins and the santa clara valley today. could see up to .10" of rain in hayward. light rain in livermore. 60s as good as it gets north of
6:44 am
the golden gate bridge where we'll see the most amount of rain. a tenth to a quarter inof rain throughout novato. and in the cloverdale. clearlake area. anywhere from a quarter to half an inch of rain. thank you, roberta. time now for a look at what's coming up later on "cbs this morning." >> gayle king joins us now from new york. good morning,. >> reporter: hi, frank. hi, michelle. good to see you guys. we are in utah as the national guard joins the search for survivors after deadly flash floods. plus we'll talk with nancy cortes about the candidate plans to attack donald trump in tonight's second republican primary debate an a closer look of technology that could send people from a tube to l.a. to san francisco at near supersonic speed. how do we feel about that? founding pink floyd member roger waters joins us in studio 57. the news is back in the morning. see you at 7:00 on the dot. i think the supersonic speed
6:45 am
thing is very cool. >> but i'm -- i get claustrophobic. >> i don't want to be one of the first. >> that's a good point. [ laughter ] >> let them try it out first and see how it goes. when it gets you there in 30 minutes, that's nice. >> exactly. >> after about a year, we may try it. [ laughter ] >> gayle, thank you. see you at 7:00. 6:45. two of america's best known beer makers might be merging. now with kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. >> reporter: good morning. this would create the biggest brewing company in the world. anheuser-busch inbev has approached sav miller about a possible takeover. no formal offer is made yet but analysts say it could value sab miller at $75 billion. anheuser-busch inbev already the biggest beermaker and
6:46 am
combining the two largers would result in 30% of the global beer market taken by those two companies. consumer inflation continues to be a nonfactor in the economy at the moment. the labor department reports that its consumer price index fell slightly in august for the first time in several months mainly on lower gas prices. core rate was up a little bit but still barely higher over the past year. that's a prime consideration by the federal reserve as it begins a two-day meeting today on whether or not to raise interest rates. job growth has been solid but inflation still not near the fed's 2% target. could give it more coverage before making that decision. let's take a look at the big board after yesterday's big rally. a little more caution ahead of the rate decision tomorrow. dow up almost 30 points. nasdaq is down by 3 and the s&p is gaining 3 points. michelle and frank, back to you. >> thank you, jason. you just made frank very thirsty. >> already this morning. >> thank you. why not. it is 6:46. we have a traffic alert take it
6:47 am
away gianna. >> westbound 4 at loveridge in pittsburg three right lanes closed until further notice major injury accident. at one point we heard up to 10 vehicles involved in the wreck. that's lots of debris in lanes. westbound 4 near loveridge where most of the delays start and back up towards the antioch bridge. i was looking through the area to find an alternate. wilber, 10th street, surface streets in the area are your best bets. we are seeing delays off the antioch bridge to an hour for your drive time through 4. eases up past the wreck through pittsburg and then of course once you get to the eastshore freeway the damage is done from an earlier wreck at powell street you can see traffic backed up at the bay bridge well into the maze. 47 minutes now westbound 80 carquinez bridge to the maze. speeds down to 21 miles per hour in some spots. again, that accident at powell now cleared out of lanes but again slow-and-go through there. taking a look at the nimitz freeway northbound through oakland we are starting to see
6:48 am
a few brake lights into the maze. an earlier wreck westbound 580 at 880 is cleared. southbound 880 at least through this portion not too bad. typical slow-and-go conditions hayward into fremont and also through the altamont pass. it's a great morning because i have a couple of things going on at 6:48. first of all, i get to utilize my weather watchers, people around the bay area to tell me what's going on in the microclimates. 50s and 60s alameda through sebastopol where we had some rain showers earlier this morning and now some fog. and then other weather watchers like this one here sue son tamp front brentwood sent in this beautiful sunset photograph so thank you. not going to see much of a sunset tonight because of the cloud cover.
6:49 am
kathy munch reported light rain showers there. otherwise, we are picking up some drizzle and some fog at this particular time. the trough is tapping into a cold front as it takes a nosedive south. increasing cloud cover across the bay. temperatures into the 50s and 60s at this time. erratic winds south-southwest 10 to 20. north bay the targeted area up to three-quarters inch of rain in the mountains of the north bay today. generally speaking a tenth to .25" there. lesser amounts to the south of the golden gate bridge so as it dozen dig to the south we'll see about .03" to .10" rain throughout the bay area but we'll see that rain the much- needed areas of the valley fire. futurecast there you have it, the rain lingers to the north all day. then begins to spread towards the evening commute. again our rain amounts very minimal but we'll take what we can get.
6:50 am
there's your sun-up and sundown and by the time it sets, 60s and 70s unseasonably cool today. and then we heat up to triple digits by sunday. carry the umbrella to be on the safe side. even more proof this morning of how dangerous the valley fire is. this is the geysers geo thermal power facility the largest of its kind in the world. severe damage to the cooling towers. the "butte fire" has destroyed homes and grown to 71,000 acres. all evacuations for amador county have been lifted. crews are also making progress and the fire is 40ers with contained. evacuations in calaveras county are still in place. and in southern california, this morning, a different issue all thanks to mother nature. this home in a very dangerous
6:51 am
place may collapse after a powerful storm yesterday. the retaining wall and two sewer pipes were damaged. a close encounter with a humpback whale gave kayakers in monterey bay the scare of a lifetime. betty yu shows us the amazing video. >> reporter: a whale watching tour on the calm waters of monterey bay turned terrifying within seconds saturday. >> oh!! >> reporter: a breaching humpback whale nearly crushed a couple in a kayak. a whale this size can weigh nearly 80,000 pounds all caught on camera by a passenger on a whale watching tour with sanctuary cruises. >> we verified they were okay. >> reporter: the captain said it wasn't a direct hit. the whale's 15-foot-long fin smacked the couple. they were visiting from the uk. experienced kayakers brought
6:52 am
the two to safety after their kayak overturned. >> there was definitely some crushing that occurred, when the whale struck it. there's a dent here from a barnacle. >> reporter: sean showed off the damage. he was their guide. >> everything was in good spirits. they handled it as well as anybody could have. they stayed calm. >> reporter: this scare is an example of how dangerous kayak whale watching can be. >> it's nature and these are wild animals. it's unpredictable. they are feeding. it's possible they will come near you. >> reporter: it's why monterey kayaks is no longer doing these kinds of tours. betty yu, kpix 5. >> probably a good idea. apple's ceo tim cook became the latest tech figure to appear on the late show. colbert asked him about his human rights work and his decision to reveal his homosexuality. >> i needed to do something. and that where i --i used my privacy significantly, i felt that, um, i was valuing it too
6:53 am
far above what i could do for other people. >> colbert ended the conversation with cook by allowing siri to pose the final question. what should i ask tim cook? she responded with, do me a favor, ask him when i'm going to get a raise. ,, selling 18 homes? easy. building them all in four and a half months? now that was a leap. i was calling in every favor i could, to track down enough lumber to get the job done. and i knew i could rely on american express to help me buy those building materials.
6:54 am
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get your best rest ever from sleep train. ...guaranteed! ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ there areand then...ffection. there are signs of affection. use gas that cleans. chevron with techron. care for your car. five things to know at the :55. the republican presidential candidates take the stage tonight for their second debate. front-runner donald trump will face off against ten other candidates including ben carson, who has been gaining in the polls. they will be joined by the only
6:57 am
female gop candidate, carly fiorina. and hundreds of immigrants are facing another day trapped on the serbian side of the border with hungary. the hungary sealed the main crossing point for those fleeing to western europe. 300 migrants have been arrested there. search teams will be back out along the utah-arizona border today to search for four people missing during flash floods. 16 people are confirmed dead in two separate incidents. to make matters worse, officials have issued a "boil water" alert for the area. and the man charged in a high-profile kidnapping case in vallejo scheduled to return to court today. 38-year-old matthew muller is accused of taking denise huskins captive in march. police thought it was a hoax. the fbi uncovered evidence implicating muller later single game tickets for the upcoming season go on sale today to the general public. season ticketholders got first dibs yesterday. warriors insiders can buy tickets starting at 10 a.m. they are available to the
6:58 am
public at 2 p.m. i'm anne makovec live in middletown and lake counties where more people will be allowed back to see their property today after the "vally fire" and they are going to see scenes like this. though can only stay for 15 minutes. several people still unaccounted for this morning after this fire including leonard neft, he last spoke to his family saturday as the fire raged near his home in anderson springs. authorities found his burned- out car last night on a road he might have tried to use an an escape route. this fire has now burned 70,000 acres. i just got that update from a fire captain. it is burning in lake, sonoma and napa counties. 9,000 homes still threatened this morning. about 600 homes burned down. hundreds of other buildings have been destroyed. 13,000 people are still evacuated today and some were able to return to their
6:59 am
property yesterday. >> where the house was right here, the whole house went around the chimney. it was the center of the house. once we get it out it will be a clean slate. blank canvas. and we are going to start over. >> reporter: a lot of people have been making the napa county fairgrounds their temporary home in calistoga at least 500 people have been staying here in tents and they made it into a little community. at this point, they don't know how long they will be staying there or where they will go next. live in middletown, anne makevoc, kpix 5. checking the roads traffic alert westbound 4 near loveridge the three right lanes blocked but i did hear from chp minor injuries reported in this accident. but there is debris in the road as well as so slow and, of course, the bay bridge stacked up. >> live hi-def doppler picking up light precipitation right there just outside of windsor. yes, up to 3'4" of -- .75" of rain in the mountains. increasing clouds in the central bay. most of the day the rain will be well to the north of us. captions by: caption colorado
7:00 am good morning to our viewers in the west. it is wednesday, september 16th, 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." raging floodwaters seep away cars and force dangerous rescues in the west. donald trump's republican rivals prepare to take down the gop front runner in tonight's debate. and joe biden slams trump on immigration. with u.s. world's largest construction projects. we begin with your world in 90 seconds. >> holy cow. oh, my goodness. this is serious. >> major


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